Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good news day!

E-ON has shelved it's plans for Kingsnorth power station. Greenpeace says;

"This development is extremely good news for the climate and in a stroke significantly reduces the chances of an unabated Kingsnorth plant ever being built.

"The case for new coal is crumbling, with even E.ON now accepting it's not currently economic to build new plants. The huge diverse coalition of people who have campaigned against Kingsnorth because of the threat it posed to the climate should take heart that emissions from new coal are now even less likely in Britain."

He added: "Ed Miliband [the environment secretary] now has a golden opportunity to rule out all emissions from new coal as a sign of Britain's leadership before the key Copenhagen climate meeting. With E.ON's announcement he's now got an open goal."

And then we have the news that "four of the largest cattle companies in the world are joining forces to ban the purchase of cattle from areas of cleared rainforest in Brazil." Greenpeace says;
"The companies are committing to "zero deforestation in their supply chains", which is a really tangible and permanent commitment to take. This adds to the measures that we've been successful in bringing in to protect the Amazon - there's also an industry-wide moratorium on soya produced on deforested areas.

"The effect of having four of the largest players in the global cattle sector committing to wipe out Amazon deforestation in their supply chain is massive. It fundamentally changes the economic dynamics of the cattle ranching sector. Up until now, the cheap Amazon land and the promise of extra profit from selling timber was encouraging ranchers to expand into the rainforest. Now there's an incentive for farmers to use their land in smarter ways and buy up land that's not in the forest."
Drops in the ocean perhaps, but it's good to remember there are little victories sometimes.


weggis said...

how many members of Greenpeace are also members of the Green Party, and vice versa?

Jim Jay said...

Not very many would be my guess. When I was active in my (then) local greenpeace there wasn't even one party member (not even me at that point).