Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confused and frightened BNP

This is a great little report from ITN that I spotted at LibCon over the escalating row between the heads of the army and heads of the master race, our would be uber-mensch, the BNP.

My favourite bit is where Col. Tim Collins describes the fascists as "confused and frightened" lashing out on issues that they "clearly don't understand". Like naughty, spoiled children.

I'm actually rather disturbed by the new trend of generals intervening in British politics, a trend I hope ends as of now. However even, or perhaps especially, the most harden zealots of the BNP must recognise that when Griffin attacks the armed forces or licks his lips in anticipation at their demise at the hangman's rope he isn't necessarily doing his bit to win the 'patriotic vote'. In fact he comes across as a bit of dick.

Indeed, coming as it does hot on the heels of the BNP deputy making a thinly veiled threat of physical violence against Bonnie Greer, a black woman who has dared to speak out against these neanderthals, they've been doing a good job of exposing themselves as violent meatheads this week.

These sorts of swaggering threats of murder and intimidation are hardly likely to endear the BNP to anything but their core support so they're worth highlighting more widely. I notice that Hope Not Hate has a project to collect together more positive responses to politics that Griffin's sad and confused ideology which may well be worth contributing to. (See here for anti-fascist events this week)


Elinor said...

As a researcher into Neandertal behaviour can I ask you to refrain from such insults...

"violent meatheads" much better, and more accurate.

Jim Jay said...

You're quite right! I shall be more careful in future