Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bracknell speaks

After the current Tory MP was forced to stand down due to the expenses scandal the Conservatives decided to continue their interesting experiment in open primaries. Today was D-Day where they selected their candidate, so congratulations go to Philip Lee who came top of the seven candidates narrowly beating Rory Stewart, who actually sounds rather interesting.

Philip was interviewed here if you're interested in what the Bracknell PPC thinks. Most notably he is a local GP, which appears to be the best career choice if you want to win a Tory open primary at the moment and his core political beliefs are;

· the value of small government
· the value of low taxation
· the importance of personal responsibility
· the value of liberty
· the supremacy of the Nation state.

Fellow blogger Iain Dale didn't quite make the grade, so commiserations go to him, particularly as his selection would have pissed off the Daily Mail no end who, in my book, can never be pissed off enough.

One interesting thing about the process was that the first three of the seven to be hoofed out were all the female candidates. Come on Bracknell, women are allowed to vote now, even in Middle England! At least try to look like you considered them seriously when replacing your current, corrupt MP.

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Derek Wall said...

thanks for the news, like you Jim while I dislike Iain Dale's politics, he is a very pleasant human being who I have enjoyed working with and if despite his right wing views he annoys the Daily Mail all the worse for him losing.

and of course viva the climate camp!