Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekending: 20th September

This slow blogging week comes to you courtesy of a poor connection and a case of 'not wanting to blog much'. Salute! Did we know there was a film The Trotsky coming out by the way? Looks awesome.

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Letters of the week come from the good offices of Organized Rage who has done a bit of a round-up.

YouTube of week comes from a bunch of jolly people. God bless them;


ModernityBlog said...

Trotsky the film?

I imagine that the many ex-trots in the Greens will be having kittens over it, as it brings back old memories? :)

I wonder if it will cover the Kronstadt rebellion? Or gloss over it?

Jim Jay said...

It actually appears to be a film about a high school kid who believes he is Leon Trotsky and leads a revolution in his school. Looks fun!

Julian Dobson said...

Thanks for the link. You might (or might not!) like today's post too:

Julian Dobson said...
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