Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Patrick Harvie MSP on Megrahi

Footage from the Scottish Parliamentary debate on the case of Libyan Al Megrahi who was recently returned to his home country suffering from the last stages of a terminal illness.

In my view Harvie's performance in this debate is exemplary.


Shamik said...

Hi there. Can I have your email address please? I'd like to send you an email about a new blog I'm working on, Left Foot Forward - and I'd like to link to you.



QUB GREENS said...

Thanks for this Jim,
Patrick done a fantastic job in that debate, he couldnt have echoed my own opinion more clearly in words.

Mark McCormick

Jim Jay said...

If you go to my profile (top core links) my email is there, or use the bottom core link.

I was immensely impressed by this - not just the content but the tone as well. Really excellent.