Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green blogging moving forwards

Well, we've doubled the Green representation in the top 100 blogs in the Total Politics awards from one to two (well done number 52) and Peter Cranie was within spitting distance at 104.

It's all a bit of fun of course so let's not make it out to be anything other than that (which is why I've never understood the way some people seem to get so grumpy about these things). I've moved up to 34 (from 84 last year) which is all very gratifying but seeing as we're comparing apples to steamrollers here I wont start thinking I'm better than those below and worse than those above, particularly as there are blogs I very much enjoy both sides and blogs I think are tedious balls both ways too.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted for this blog, that was very kind of you. I hope next year we'll see at least one green blog in the top ten and a host of us cramming our way into the top one hundred, we can do it people!


The Third Estate said...

Do I not count as Green, Jim? I would say you've tripled it.


Jim Jay said...

You're definately a Green Salman - and a great one! - but Third Estate isn't a Green blog. Having said that it would have been good to mention the Greens involved in group blogging with non-greens as I think that's something very worthwhile - and Third Estate is in my favourites.

The Third Estate said...

If I were Louis XIV and capable of declaring "l'etat c'est moi" The Third Estate might count as a Green blog. Failing that, I'm quite glad of the balance. Congrats on polling so well. Let's just hope the party can increase it's vote by the same amount!