Sunday, September 06, 2009

Final Day: GPEx elections

Results of the Green Party Executive (GPEx) elections. Congratulations to the successful candidates and all the others who stood. For a change everyone I voted for got in - but international in particular was a very tough choice and big commiserations to the unsuccessful candidates in that election - you'd all have been excellent.

RON refers to re-open nominations and spoilt papers were mainly blanks (all the posts were on the same paper and this should probably be read as abstentions).

Chair (postal):
Jayne Forbes 931
Rayyan Mirza 529
RON 18
Spoilt 18

Campaigns Co-ordinator:
Andy Hewett 184
RON 14
Spoilt 21

Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator:
Polly Lane 179
RON 16
Spoilt 24

External Communications Co-ordinator:
Tracy Dighton-Brown 163
RON 49
Spoilt 7

Internal Communications Co-Ordinator:
Natalie Bennett 201
Spoilt 13

Local Party Support Co-ordinator:
Jon Lucas 196
Spoilt 16

Policy Development Co-Ordinator:
Matt Follett/Maria Iacovou (Job Share) 196
RON 12
Spoilt 11

Publications Co-ordinator:
Edward Milford 188
Spoilt 25

Elections Co-Ordinator:
Judy Maciejowska 148
James Youd / Adrian Windisch (Job share) 57
Spoilt 12

Finance Co-Ordinator:
Dean Walton 107
Chris Haine 89
Spoilt 18

International Co-Ordinator:
Farid Bakht/Phelim MacCafferty (job-share) 83
John Kent 55
Ricky Knight / Richard Lawson 53
Samir Chatterjee 16
Spoilt 12

NB These numbers are the first preferences only but reflect the order in which candidates were eliminated.

The only reference to the committee posts I'll make is that I stood for the Green World editorial board and despite a very tough hustings was elected.


Joe Otten said...

Some big numbers of spoilt papers there. Any particular reason?

Jim Jay said...

I didn't attend the count but I did ask someone who did at the time about that.

He said that the spoilt papers were almost all blank. We assume this is due to the fact that all the elections were on one piece of paper (oh we're soooo green). Therefore a number of people who really wanted to vote in some elections but not others ended up recording as a spoilt.

I think that's a reasonable assumption as we also provide a RON (re-open nominations) option for the disgruntled which I'd assume nay sayers would prefer to use.

Pippa said...

Yep, that's right Jim. Some people only wanted to vote in one or two of the elections. We marked the blank ones as spoilt.

The chair ones on the other hand really were spoilt.