Saturday, September 05, 2009

Day Three: new conference round-up

Some more selected news, blogs and comments on Green Party conference;

  • Peter Cranie is missing conference. Well conference is missing him too! I'd been eagerly awaiting seeing Peter to give him a famous Jim hug... I guess it will have to wait.
  • Ben Duncan on his crime and policing fringe.
  • Tom Chance is enjoying himself at conference.
  • Natalie blogs on the need for quotas of women on boards of major companies.
  • I also discovered that the infamous Chris Rose has a blog. I had to wring the url out of him he's so shy, but we got there in the end. Enjoy.
  • I also discovered another green blogger. Mr Tom Harris.
  • Yahoo news have noticed we use a sliding scale of delegates fees depending on your income. It's positive but is it news?
  • Adrian Ramsay, deputy leader, gave a stirring speech this morning.
  • Caroline Lucas tells us all to sign up to 10:10.
  • Morning Star, rolling back democratic deficits.
  • Guardian: government should 'buy back' PFI hospitals say Greens.
  • The Independent says we are up against a rotten dysfunctional system.

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