Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekending: here comes the sun

This is the end, the only end, my friend;

  • The Justice for Jean campaign has a petition for a memorial to Jean at Stockwell Tube. Please do considering signing it.
  • Left On The Shelf is a second hand books service based in Cumbria, specialising in Socialist and radical books. (h/t Paul Stott)
  • Man charged with stealing 25 pence banana. One jury trial and £20,000 later... not guilty.
Letter of the week in the Morning Star on Thursday;
Dialectics teaches us that at some point a quantitative difference becomes a qualitative distinction. [Jim: Actually that's enough!]
I love this song, the video also appears to have Ricky from Dr Who on it. Disconcerting.

Less links than normal this week. That's not because I'm trying less hard, it's more because I never try - I just build the links up over a week. Sometimes they're spots, sometimes people send me requests and I'm happy to oblige. Anyway, less requests and less idle browsing of the internet equals less weekending links. Mystery solved!

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