Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sports Desk: 25th August

Welcome to this week's reports from The Daily (Maybe) sports desk;


SportsDirect have been selling a T-Shirt that mocked the victims of the Hillsborough disaster saying 96 victims was not enough. Charming.

Meanwhile in Argentina they are in the throws of one of those crisis / opportunity things. In the midst of a financial crisis the government has ridden to the rescue with a financial deal that should breath new life into the game allowing any broadcaster to show football matches for free.

Of course, some have to go to real lengths to catch a game. Take Michael Greenwell. His quest to watch a Celtic Game in Nepal is recorded here.
Steve Platt mentions the left, cricket and T-shirts on sale in this quick post.

Another cricket short from Norfolk Blogger on Dean du Plessis, the blind cricket commentator.
Caster Semenya (below) is one of the quickest women in the world. Or is he? Carole Cadwalladr, Dave Zirin and The Nation have interesting things to say on the controversy which has led to the boss of South African athletics quitting. At the center of it all a woman that no one accuses of cheating or making false claims over her gender.

Certainly when she came home it was to a rapturous welcome.

This week's climate camp has an action defending communities disrupted by the Olympics. Details here...
And finally, and I thought you might enjoy this...

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