Monday, August 31, 2009

Meme: Firsts

AVPS has tagged me in a meme about political first times and to make up for a slow blogging weekend I thought why not.

First political experience I am pretty sure my first defining political experience was watching Michael Foot on TV. It was during the Falklands War and he seemed to be attacking Thatcher for not being patriotic enough. I remember thinking "Aren't you meant to be in CND and that? Shouldn't you be against the war?" Bizarrely the experience made me a committed Labour Party supporter, although I do see the contradictions in that now.

First vote I believe this was 1989 in the local and European elections where I voted - shock - Labour in both. The first of many, many times. I've run out of Labour goes now so my cross goes elsewhere these days.

First demo Seeing this made me remember an action day at my school where hundreds of kids congregated on the playing fields in solidarity with the teachers' strike. I was about twelve so, not being a little Lenin or anything, I basically attended rather than organising the thing. It was good fun though as the Deputy Head got angry with us when we wouldn't disperse and started chasing kids around - forgetting that he was an old man and we were Essex Yoof. Sucker!

Last vote I've no heresy to report I'm afraid. I voted for the Green Party in both local and European elections just a couple of months ago. Keeping up the tradition neither of the people I voted for got in.

Last political activity What's political activity? I just folded about a hundred letters to local supporters and stuffed them into envelopes. Does that count? It was literally a few minutes ago so there was nothing more recent than that.

If you'd like to tag yourself - please feel free - the more the merrier!

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