Friday, August 14, 2009

Congratulations Scarborough Green Party

Nick Harvey, long time Green campaigner, won a council by-election last night for the Greens in the Hertford Ward of Scarborough Borough Council taking the seat off the Conservatives.

Nick stood for the first time in the ward in 2007 when two seats were up for grabs, the results were;

Con 732
Con 709
LD 591
GREEN, Nick Harvey, 508
BNP 212

Yesterday Nick took the seat with;

GREEN, Nick Harvey, 894 (66.5%)
Con 356 (26.5%)
Ind 94 (7%)

Through a combination of community campaigning and targeted canvassing this brings Scarborough's Green group to three. Good work.

just noticed, via Luke, that there was a second by election in Scarborough on the same night which was won by an independent taking the seat off the Lib Dems... I'm intrigued.


weggis said...

The absence of a LibDem candidate in the latest election and Labour in both seems rather strange. Do you think this could be “arranged” elsewhere?

Jim Jay said...

These rural constituencies can be funny sometimes and much harder to organise in - we've done really well to get such a great leap in the vote... but yes, I'm curious as to what's happened here (in both wards)

Pippa said...

I might be wrong, but I think Scarbs BC tends to elect a lot of independents.

Fantastic result in Hertford Ward :-)

Pippa said...

Yep, I was right, how nerdy am I!?

Councillors by Party:

* Conservative 21
* Independent 16
* Lib/Dem 5
* Labour 3
* Green 3
* No political affiliation 2

Renegade Eye said...

It's hard to comment on local elections. In my neighborhood a Green is running for councilman. I'll be watching for the results.

His daughter is an anarchist, who was arrested at the Republican Party convention.