Friday, August 21, 2009

Best Green Blogs Announced

Total Politics has announced the top Green blogs for 2009.

The top five or 'golden circle', chosen by popular vote, are;

1 (1) The Daily (Maybe)
2 (2) Two Doctors
3 (9) Peter Cranie
4 (3) Another Green World
5 (10) Barkingside 21

The number in brackets indicates the place in the same poll last year.

Good choices one and all. Special mention should also go to Sue Luxton who came in at number seven and is therefore our top blogging councillor. Your commemorative plaque is in the post!

A special thanks to everyone who voted for me, I'll try to reward your kindness with the best blogging I can provide over the coming year. It's all just a bit of fun of course, but heart warming none the less.


Adrian Windisch said...

Well done Jim, good stuff.

OMG I'm number 10 and 17!

Matt Sellwood said...

Cor, number 12. That ain't too bad!


ModernityBlog said...

Ahh, Dale is canny, I'll bet it is all part of some Cameroneque plan to sweeten up the Greens, before the chop :)

PS: Well done, either way!

Jim Jay said...

Oh yeah Adrian I'd forgotten you got two bites of the cherry! I'd not seen your construction blog until recently.

Matt - you're following in Adrian's footsteps with your second blog, not quite 'two jags' but certainly the beginning of a little empire.

MB - I think Iain recognises that if the poll is to have any credibility it has to be politically broad, otherwise it's just a record of the Tory blogs Tories like. He's just being sensible really rather than overly Machiavellian.

weggis said...

Well, they say hot air rises, and we do have AGW in the top five!

Nice to see some new faces, particularly Adrian, Richard, Stuart……and me!

Jim, “ID a sensible Tory”? You must stop this negative campaigning and name calling.

ModernityBlog said...

Ahh Jim, as if I would accuse a Tory of being Machiavellian!

Rather he/they are killing with kindness, and they are a lot shrewder than we think.

Red Green Nick said...

Looks like someone hasn't read your last post "politeness in politics"
Oh well.....

weggis said...

Sounds like someone doesn't "get" the message.
Oh well...