Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekending: pass the test

Hello good people. Watcha the bad.

YouTube: Mitchell and Webb have an alternative take on the health service.


neil h said...

Thanks for the nod, Jim! I wonder how the ads of today will look in fifty years time, particularly those ones with kids on the loo demanding special air fresheners before they have a poo.

Douglas Coker said...

Hi Jim. As an ex-politics teacher I couldn't help myself and took the citizenship TEST. I too failed but with 63%, 15 out of 24 correct.

Reviewing the correct answers there were a number where I just guessed and got them right so I think my score should have been lower really.

It's surely going to be a rather strange anorak who passes this test.


Anonymous said...

I took that test a few days ago, I hardly covered my self in honour. My disappointment at failing was only matched by my rage at the idiocy of the questions.

I saw James Graham's post a while ago, you might be interested in my take on it too. I foolishly tried to take on two trolls on in his comments and found that one actually was scum and the other was an idiot. Neither would pass that test, but then who would?

bob said...

I only got 42% in the test, and I thought I'd know that kind of thing!

Green Gordon said...

Of course, I passed the test in real life. (I think I got 100% in about 4 minutes) but I totally screwed up the web version... At least you didn't have to pay to find out, like I did...