Monday, July 27, 2009

Sports desk reports

A few stories from the Daily (Maybe) sports desk. I accept these links may tend towards the money, strikes and policemen hitting people type of stories rather than throwing balls and that, so sue me!

London Olympics;

Harpy Marx has a good roundup of the cash cow Olympics, here.

Blood and Treasure also reports on the Games' frightening authoritarianism, here.
The Times, South Africa, has a report on sports coaches who have simply had enough and formed the Sports Trainers and Coaches Associated Workers Union, here.

Although it's from a Tory I thought this piece on how MPs have tried to support Rwandan grassroots football was very worthwhile, here.
Rugby World Cup;
South African officials have claimed that the process to host the 2015 Rugby World Cup was biased in England's favour, here.

The Telegraph writes on sports teams so commercially successful they end up in the dullest league of their own, here.

The Washington Post on athletes and aging, here.
Coming up;
This Saturday I'm attending a cricket match in aid of Iranian workers. Hands off the people of Iran are playing the Labour Representation Committee (team Captains Attila the Stockbroker and John McDonnell MP respectively). Come along, details here.
And finally;
The Third Annual Neander Games is open to teams of stone masons who compete to throw rocks, smash rocks, and carry rocks, here.


Strategist said...

Jim, congrats on your feature in today's super soaraway Morning Star.

Great to read an interesting and topical feature on something I would never otherwise find out anything about. Makes me feel all the better about the 60p per day for the M Star!

Jim Jay said...

Thanks Strategist,that's very welcome as I'm feeling a bit unsure about that last piece, it makes me feel much more confident in it.

Incidentally I should have said on the cricket not only will it be a fun day out for all the family but the cream of the Green Party's sporting elite will be playing!

Renegade Eye said...

Atleast one lefty likes sports.

I like UFC.