Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How many aircraft carriers are too many?

Just to highlight the difference between Labour's Keynesian approach and the ethical alternatives (aka The Green New Deal) we have this latest big spending commitment.

No doubt the jobs are more than welcome and the support of industry and the Scottish economy is, it seems to me, very important. What is less welcome is how that money is being spent. That's right the UK's largest ever warships are under construction. Complete waste of an opportunity, and money.
The Princess Royal was giving the nobility's nod of approval today to the creation of these aircraft carriers, whose capability to enforce British foreign policy around the globe will be lethal and unprecedented.

I wonder whether this is a coincidence that the story comes out (the hook they've chosen is 'cutting' the first piece of steel, what?) at precisely the time that chopper-gate has meant the Prime Minister is under pressure to satisfy the army's insatiable desire for more equipment.

Who knows what those pesky Afghans are gonna say with one of these behemoth aircraft carriers charging at them. I suspect it may be an expression of surprise if they're on the Afghan plains.

This spending could have secured manufacturing jobs that promoted social good not human destruction. However, synchronicity only gets you so far because, whilst the news may or may not help dig the PM out of one hole, it does look rather bad when you consider that the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, is laying off workers in the UK citing the fact that the government (both national and local) has obstructed the developments of new windfarm site.

The spending priorities of murder over sustainable energy is everything you need to know about this government. Thankfully people are fighting back.

Vestas workers on the Isle of White went into occupation of their factory yesterday fighting to save the planet and their livelihoods. Earlier today there was a London demonstration in their support and solidarity messages have been coming in from far and wide. It is these workers who are on the front line of the war we should be waging, that against the environmental catastrophe we're storing for our own and future generations.

I'm sure there will be many who see the sick priorities that whilst this government has plenty of money for its Asian adventures climate change is coming a very poor last place.

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