Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing catch up at the Daily (Maybe)

As you'll be aware the election has thrown off the usually rigorous schedule here at the Daily (Maybe) and so there are a few things that I've let slip.

It's bad enough that I've ignored the death of David Carradine and the lifting of embargoes against Cuba all for an election that most people don't give a toss about!

So apologies for Tom for not highlighting the new Carnival of Socialism that came out at the beginning of the week.

Then there's the science stuff - which is now going to be a short series of posts so I don't have to get muddled between the different issues. Plus Aaron asked me to write a 'model' response for lefties on why it's right to egg Nick Griffin. It's definitely a good idea but whilst I'm normally fairly relaxed about tapping away with what I reckon the word 'model' has raised the bar somewhat - but I'll get there.

I've got some more Euro posts to come, bare with me, I promise once the week is done I'll stop going on about them.

And don't mention A Laptop For Every Donkey who I've let slide over the last few weeks and I really must get back on top of.

Most importantly this blog's birthday is coming up and I'm going to be doing something special - I've got a few ideas but any suggestions will be more than welcome.


Aaron said...

Haha whatever is good for you! Model answer or simple rant, I would be grateful happy. ;)

Benjamin Solah said...

I'd love to see a rant or something on supporting the egging of Nick Griffin.

Comrades in Australia found it most entertaining.

Anonymous said...

You probably mean 'bear with me' ;)

Jim Jay said...

Do I Sue? I've often wondered :)