Monday, June 15, 2009

Destination Doncaster: help it regain its pride

The good news is that Doncaster Pride has won a concession from the newly elected English Democrat Mayor not to cut the funding for this year's event.

Peter Davies was a surprise winner in the recent elections but perhaps it was really Radio Sheffield's night as he went on to give the most hilariously appalling interview in political history.

The Doncaster Mayoral elections are conducted in the same way as those in London with voters giving first and second preferences. The first preferences were as follows;

Mick Maye (Independent) 17150
Peter Davies (English Democrats) 16961
Sandra Holland (Labour) 16549
Jonathan Wood (Conservative) 12198
Dave Owen (BNP) 8175
Stuart Exelby (Community Group) 2152
Michael Felse (Independent) 2051

Mick Maye, who is on his third failed attempt at becoming Mayor, then lost 25,344 votes to 24,990 once second preferences had been counted. I think it's fair to say that it may well have been BNP transfers that won it for Davies. It's also interesting to note that just 420 more votes for Labour and Doncaster would have remained well and truly off the political map.

Whilst it's difficult for those of us on the left to impact events in places that we do not live in it does occur to me that there is something we can do for Doncaster and that's support Doncaster Pride on August 16th as it has a fight for survival.

Supporting an event that celebrates diversity and making it a really successful day could be a real contribution to making Doncaster a better place.

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