Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Defend Mark France

The Stirrer reports that Respect activist Mark France is being victimised by his employer, the DWP, for being part of the campaign to oust disgraced MP Julie Kirkbride.

What business is it of the DWP if one of its workers wants to make perfectly reasonable and respectable political statements on his own time? Is being opposed to corruption a disciplinary offence now?

Mr France said “The attempt to silence me will fail. I have a democratic right to speak. Alongside thousands of other Job Centre Staff up and down the country I work hard to ensure that the victims of the recession are treated with dignity. We face a bullying management culture that stamps on the human rights of Job Centre staff and our unemployed customers”.

“The DWP can punish me and my family for daring to speak the truth…but they will not stop the ‘Peasants Revolt’ that started in Bromsgrove from growing”.

“On Saturday 20th June I will be in Bromsgrove High Street and I will speak”

Mark is backed by his union, the PCS, and any attempt to victimise him should be resisted. For those who missed it here is Mark's appearance on Sky News.

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