Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Daily (Maybe) poll closing

A couple of weeks ago I asked where are all the Labour activists? I've actually seen two since then but not noticed a massive resurgence in their campaigning as yet. Seen quite a few Lib Dems and was assaulted by a drunk SLP zealot whilst I was giving out leaflets but that's it so far.

Anyway, I asked you why Labour were staying at home.

2% of you thought they were saving their money for the general.

6% thought activists were hoping for a Labour loss (to prompt a change in leadership)

27% thought they were scared of angry voters.

However the runaway winner of the poll was that they were ashamed of their party at 63%

Thanks for everyone who took part!

1 comment:

Barkingside 21 said...

They've appeared.
At least for a photoshoot.
There is no evidence to suggest that they actually knocked on any doors.
In fact the MP looks like he has an urgent meeting elsewhere.