Monday, June 22, 2009

Broader blogging boundaries

Hello, later today I'm going to be hosting the Carnival of the Green which is quite exciting as you have to sign up for it a year in advance, such is the waiting list. However, when sending stroppy a few links for the carnival of socialism yesterday I realised that my reading list has some gaping holes in it.

Whilst I'm following plenty of English, Scottish, Irish and, as it happens, Lebanese bloggers I've realised that I only really follow a handful of left leaning English language blogs from other parts of the world.

I don't believe there are only four US, three Australian, two Canadian, and one New Zealand blogs worth following. In the coming weeks I'm going to have a hunt around for good blogs to follow from these and other parts of the world but the obvious first port of call is to ask if people have any recommendations.

I'd find it pretty handy if people could send me their recommendations of good left/green blogs they read outside of the UK (or in Wales). Don't be shy either if you want to promote your own blog I'd be glad to hear from you.


Pippa said...

I only follow a handful of aus blogs anymore, but they're these ones:

(The latter two are the best political analysis ones and got scooped in by crikey)

I used to read this one quite a bit

the greens mps and their staff used to blog but it seems to be down/gone

scott redding said...

I know Audra from volunteering together at rabble. She's a press officer for one of the NDP MPs in Canada.

Douglas Coker said...

Hi Jim, Check out Chris Mooney's blog USA - increasingly influential I think.

I've followed his work for a few years now and found him interesting. He's been joined by Sheril more recently and the blog has a different feel now and is maybe a bit more diverse.

I expect some will say he's not particularly left but I think he's done significant progressive things in publishing The Republican War on Science and Storm World and he's got a third on the way. He has focussed on global warming which is good but still does an awful lot of flying for which I've reprimanded him, of course ... !

There was also a pro-proper science campaign around the Presidential election. This challenged Bush's travesty and Chris was heavily involved.

Anyway there you are.


Jim Jay said...

Brilliant stuff - keep it coming!

Diogenes said...

For NZ I read NoRightTurn (on Blogspot)