Friday, June 12, 2009

Best Green results

Thought you might like to know the top ten Green results in the country;

Brighton & Hove 31.43%
Oxford 26.12%
Norwich 24.86%
Hackney 22.78%
Islington 20.02%
Lambeth 18.05%
Cambridge 17.94%
Lewisham 17.79%
Haringey 17.42%
Camden 17.15%

Remember, these districts are actually bigger than Parliamentary constituencies so they bode well for those areas where we have our targets tightly focused. Bode factor one you might say.

The worst Green area? Well, despite the fact this is verging very close to naming and shaming I declare Gibralter (3.13%) to be the poorest performer. Is anyone else thinking that the absolutely lowest result being 3.13% is rather good? No, just me. Give it back to Spain I say.


mish said...

Interesting that none of the top ten are outside of the south - Cambridge, Oxford and Norwich being the northern limit. Were there any northern spots around the 17% mark?

Then again the greens were very close to an MEP in the North West, so it's not too bad ...

Jim Jay said...

I noticed that.

Lancaster was the best North England result (14.23%) then York (13.71%) then Manchester (13.6%)

Red Green Nick said...

In the west I think Bristol at 15.9% and Stroud at 15.6% were the top performers.