Monday, May 11, 2009

Who is this speaker bloke?

Two news stories today both about the speaker of the House of Commons (essentially the chair of the Parliamentary debates). Neither of them show him in a particularly good light.

First up he's slating Tamils who have the temerity to demonstrate against the genocide of the Tamil people that is ongoing right now. They're making the place look untidy apparently.

Wow... what a sensitive guy. Not only are the Tamils having to helplessly look on as their friends and family are murdered, desperate because they feel no one is listening to them, but now they're being told they shouldn't even be allowed to protest.

Then he's up in arms about MP's expenses. Not, like the rest of the country, because they've been taking the piss but because there's a grass among the snakes. Mind you he's been known to put quite a bit on account himself so no wonder he's cross.

His name is Michael Martin and he's a disgrace.

Video from Beau Bo D'Or

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