Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekending: get your forms in

It's time to do that end of the week house keeping and quick linking;

Are you interested in standing for the national executive of the Green Party (GPEx)? If so you need to have had uninterrupted membership for two years. The timetable is as follows;
  • Nominations Open – 1 July 2009 09:00
  • Nominations Close – 24 July 2009 14:00
  • Ballot Papers Issued – Early in August 2009
  • GPEx/committee ballot closes after the hustings at Conference in September 2009
For any queries please contact soc at Members considering submitting motions to conference might also like to get them in early to prevent SOC having to do loads of work right at the deadline. Being nice to SOC also means less deadline stress for you too if there's an error in your magnum opus.

This week to finish off we have a great video on facebook etiquette;


Anonymous said...

853 is Greenwich-based, not Lewisham.

Jim Jay said...

Greenwich is part of Greater Lewisham surely?... alright - I'll change it!