Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stopped clock right twice a day shocker

It had to happen in the end. Norman Tebbit has called for a vote for the Green Party in order to punish the larger parties for their poor performance. I thought it would take a few more years of patient hard work but I knew he'd come round in the end.

Some people might argue that when Tebbit calls on people to vote for one of the smaller parties he's making a coded appeal for rightwing nationalist scumbags, but I can see through the smokescreen and I'm certain he's advocating a green vote.

"What I am advising people is to show the major parties that it is the electors who are masters and the electors are extremely upset with their employees in the House of Commons and I said don't vote for the major parties."
You see? Couldn't be plainer!

If this throw back to the eighties can support us I wonder who'll be next? Boy George? The team behind Miami Vice? JR?

Some might argue that the support of a demented rottweiler is not necessarily what green politics needs right now, and they're probably right. So sorry Norm, but you'll have to throw your lot in with Socialist Labour, I'm sure Scargill will welcome you with open arms.


Strategist said...

In all seriousness, Jim, the Greens have got to get super-savvy super-quickly, and get out there to hoover up the protest votes which are going completely begging on this issue.

A Jean Lambert leaflet wafted down onto my doormat yesterday evening. It was all fine up to a point, but maybe something lower down and more dirty would resonate better right now, eg: "Vote Green and get these bastards out".

I'm as sorry as any Green that this is the way of the world. If that is too much for Greens to bear, how about just a big prominent paragraph on how your Green MEP never, ever abuses her expenses?

Jim Jay said...

What do you think of this produced by Rupert Read's team?

There's also a little booklet version I've seen in London for stalls.

Our polling is doing really well at the moment apparently and you're right - if we don't capitalise on this other, less savory people, will.

mancunian green said...

Actually I'm sure I remember hearing about Boy George voting Green in the 80's (maybe not a good selling point now though).
Beyond that I agree that we must seize the opportunity before the media convinces everyone that it's just the far-right that will benefit.

Jim Jay said...

Darren Johnson was very good on Radio Four's PM last night on this very topic. It's some way in but should still be available on iplayer.

You're right mg - we need to get in with the arguments in local papers, etc to make sure we can ensure there's a positive Green vote rather than a negative nationalist one.

Strategist said...

What do you think of this produced by Rupert Read's team?

That is absolutely exactly precisely just what the doctor ordered, well done indeed and I hereby volunteer to stick that through every letterbox in my ward between now & polling day.

(OK, half the letterboxes).

mish said...

I heard this, and I assume he'd quite like people to vote for UKIP - who have quite a record of claiming every expense going once they become MEPs ...

Jim Jay said...

Strategist: what region are you in? do you want me to put you in touch with the right person to get you the materials or are you already in touch with your local people?

Mart said...

Jim Jay, wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few hundred of those leaflets to put through doors in my neck of the woods!

Jim Jay said...

Right, the best thing to do is that everyone who wants some contacts Rupert's team (who have them) and give their name, address and how many they want for their area and they should send them out to you.

Go to Rupert's contact form here or phone them on 01603 219294

Strategist said...

Thanks, Jim

I know how to contact my local party, which is in London. And I shall draw this leaflet to their attention, but will deliver whatever leaflet they ask me to.

Election time is no time for displays of individualism from johnny-come-lately footsoldiers!