Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Blessed be the boneheads

I'd heard that the British National Party were intent on comparing themselves to Jesus but had hoped, in the back of my mind, that this was some sort of joke. Apparently not.

"The BNP has produced an election poster bearing a passage from John's gospel and a traditional image of Jesus. "What would Jesus do?" it asks, and then supplies the answer - "vote BNP"."

Not just that but the BNP are more holy than the Church even because "church leaders actively shun the word of God on issues like sodomy, abortion and social justice". This being a new use of the term social justice that starts with a silent "in-".

Well I guess they're being clear that when members criticise their leader, Nick Griffin (below), they're committing heresy and need to be cast out. All that democracy stuff is just for the committed and uncritical believers. This explains quite a lot of what's happened in the last couple of years, purges, intimidation, stitch ups - this wasn't anti-democratic it was a Crusade against blasphemy.

Demonstrating exactly how Christlike the BNP are it turns out the whole thing was sparked by some Christians saying nasty things about the BNP - and so this was their retaliation. When they heard that "The UK's first black archbishop, John Sentamu, said in 2004 that voting for the BNP was "like spitting in the face of God"" they just couldn't let it lie.

"The BNP's spokesman Simon Darby said: "It's something that the Church brought on themselves when they decided to interfere in the democratic process. If someone wants to take us on, they can expect the same in return.""

Yes, that's following Christ's teaching of turning the other cheek (and then smacking someone in the mouth). Let's pray they don't get in this June...

It's probably very wrong of me but this whole story reminds me of this rather amusing sketch where Jesus is outed as a racist by his "PC" followers;


weggis said...

I see that "Nick" hasn't quite mastered Fleming's Left Hand Rule.

Jim Jay said...

Thanks for that Weggis! Love it :)

Uponnothing said...

That is amazing. Another reason to be an atheist.