Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekending: stop shopping

It's the end of the week which means it's time for... weekending!

  • Carnival of Socialism #30 was hosted over at Though Cowards Flinch.
  • The next edition is at Stroppyblog. Email contributions to flipper400 at hotmail dot com.
  • Next weekend there is a conference in London on the Internet for Activists - looks good.
  • Gary Younge, Obama's movement must get going.
  • The BNP use a Polish spitfire to front their anti-immigration campaign.
  • Charlie Broker on how politicians feel about us.
  • Tommy Sheridan quits the law.
  • Viz appears to have a full on website now. To celebrate I've chosen a top tip for you from the current edition; "WHEN COOKING spaghetti, tie all the ends together. That way you can eat it in one long suck, eliminating the drudgery of washing up knives and forks. Johnny Schott, Hackney"
  • My letter of the week comes from Wednesday's Independent; "I thought that the saddest aspect of the University Challenge fiasco was the fact that it arose because Sam Kay could not obtain funding to pursue his PhD studies in chemistry so left university to become an accountant. Mike Stroud SWANSEA"
And in Green news;
This week our video is a classic tune. Lennon's "Working Class Hero", it sends shivers down my spine everytime I hear it!

Add any link you like in the comments if you think people will appreciate it.

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Benjamin Solah said...

Thanks for posting the email! I'll have to look through my old posts to see which one to submit.