Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekending: carnival time

It's been a light blogging week for me - but you can rest assured that weekending will be the last to go. Or the first. Or somewhere in the middle.

Video of the week is an old Party Political Broadcast from the Greens... but there's not a single PPB out there like it. This is a very fine thing indeed.


Adrian Windisch said...

That PEB was great. The last minute goes a bit slower, with the voiceover and then credits.

Noel Lynch said...

Yes, it is a work of art. The response crashed the answer system when over 100,000 rang our number at the same time!

Some people say that the David Bailey film for our 1989 campaign was better.

Benjamin Solah said...

Hehe, thanks for the plug. I feel like the only Australian amongst a pretty British-centric network of socialist blogs.

See Kevin Rudd making a name for himself on the BBC? He's trying real hard to play with the big boys, but don't stroke his ego too much.

Strategist said...

The film is fantastic. Like a true classic, it is basically timeless (although perhaps that reveals how out of date I am with trends in dance music and pop videos)

Is there any reason why the Greens shouldn't simply use that film again? Its messages might resonate even better now, post-crash. The money saved could go into the rest of the campaign.

ps Noel, is the 1989 Bailey film on YouTube? If not, why not?!

Strategist said...

It's the first comment that smashes the mould and gives the whole thing the stamp of genius:

"I am not attractive - never been considered beautiful by anyone. But I am the most effective and loving person I know".

What other political party would ever think to come out with that? What does it actually mean politically? Who knows - but 100,000 suddenly sit up and are watching, reading, listening - and ringing in to join up. Count me in!

Jim Jay said...

I don't know what the plans are re: the up and coming ppb although I reminded the relevant people of this classic a little while ago.

If we're really commited to recycling and re-using we should use it again I guess :)

Music wise this is, I think, a classical piece (adagio with strings) which has been souped up a bit - so it's probably not dated in the way other music might.

I've searched for the other ppb before without success unfortunately. But it shows what you can do with that slot that's far more imaginative than a bloke sitting behind a desk.

BS: There are a couple of other Australians who post here occasionally - although some of them live in the UK - but that just means your all the more special to us :)

Gordon said...

Starring Ashley Gunstock!

Strategist said...

Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings.
Thanks for that Jim, I had no idea, never even heard of the guy before. I learn something new every day on this blog!

Aaron said...

I thought that the PPB was great! The first thing written on the paper completely threw me and reminded me how different this party actually is and made me proud to be a member of it.


And Adagio for Strings is always a tuuune!