Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Women Bloggers

Having just seen a mini-email discussion about women who blog and are in the Green Party and, simultaneously, not having the time to write a fulminating diatribe on the woes of modern capitalism I thought I'd do the next most constructive thing and list them.

This method has the additional advantage that if I've missed any off my list the unhappy blogger who meets the requirements (member of the Party, in the UK and is a woman) can say - Yo, dude, where's my funky blog palace? I would then add their funky blog palace - tout suite.

As you might expect some are updated more than others, and some serve different functions than others but I thought a heads up might be appreciated.

Caroline Lucas
Cathy Thinks Again
Emma Bierman
Flesh is Grass
Gaian Economics
Green Ladywell
Leila Kiersch
Maya De Souza
Sarah Cope
Shan Oakes
Shirley Ford
Sian Berry
Vicky Wakefield Jarrett
Guardian regulars
Caroline Lucas
Jean Lambert
Jenny Jones
There is also the re-elect Jean Lambert blog.

As I say, please do let me know if I've accidentally missed you off. I might not know your blog, I might not have realised you're in the Green Party or, and it's an outside possibility, I might simply have left you off in error - which would never do.


Earthenwitch said...

Funky blog palace.

Heh. :)

Thanks for the hat-tip.

weggis said...

I think you will find that number 11 in your Best Green Blogs last year, Flesh is Grass, is a member of the Green party, resident in the UK and has the required atributes to be described as Female, although according to Gender Analyser she writes like a bloke.

Jim Jay said...

EW: my pleasure :)

W: I thought about her but for some reason I didn't think she was in the party... I'll add her in mo (just finishing another post)

Anonymous said...

ta for that.

Anonymous said...

Great to be in the party with all these other funky blog palaces! Being still quite a new blogger, this is all feeling very exciting. Just wish there were more hours in the day to do more regular posting and commenting...