Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day Post: you're alright really

Every year I write a Valentine's Day post and 2009 will be no different! Taking my lead from a post by Pink Preppy Party Girl I've set myself the task of saying nice things about five people who don't always feel the smooth touch of my love. This may take me some time as I'm always so nice to people anyway, cough.

There are only two rules. One: I have to mean what I say. Two: it can't be an excuse to be snide.

  1. Traffic Wardens: I'm always worried when there is a legitimising of hate, but in the case of traffic wardens it is particularly unjust because they do a socially useful job. Yes, it's inconvenient to obey the rules sometimes, suck it up, with the wardens the roads would be impassable. More so.
  2. Christopher Hitchens: despite my disagreements with what he says at least he knows how to construct an argument. He's a very clever man don't you know.
  3. GlaxoSmothKline: on the day that Andrew Witty announced that he's going to start rolling out cheap drugs to the developing world and releasing research information that has previously been tightly guarded commercial secrets I think it would be churlish not to give at least some recognition of this positive move.
  4. The Dogmatic: You wont hear me say this often but dogmatic people, on my side of the fence and the other side, have a real contribution to make. They will tend to be uncompromising, hard working and vocal. All skills that are much needed for a political debate. Sometimes arguments need to have someone putting them crudely for clarity's sake.
  5. I can't think of a fifth... rubbish! You'll have to fill this one in for yourselves.
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DocRichard said...

Hi Jim
Christopher may be mainly off in MelaniePhillips Land, but at least he agrees with us on the matter of
buying the Afghan Opium