Friday, February 20, 2009

BNP make election gain in Kent

It appears that the BNP won a council by-election last night in Swanley.

The vote breakdown: BNP 408, Lab 332, Con 247.
Previous result May 2007: Two seats Lab 462, 420, Con 208, 197, Ukip 165

Worrying news, although on the plus side the BNP did very poorly in a Lewisham council by-election on the same night where they had deliberately targeted anti-knife crime campaigner Duwayne Brookes.

The BNP candidate, Tess Culnane, has done the rounds of the far right leaving the BNP because they were soft on immigration and becoming the Lewisham Assembly candidate for the National Front (as well as the NF's Haltemprice & Howden by-election candidate). Added to this she's also spoken on platforms of the nutty, even more fringe, British People's Party too.

She was welcomed back into the BNP in January of this year despite her hard line views on race conflicting with the respectabilist image the BNP has been trying hard to cultivate over the years. It's good to see that she was able to pull together very little support last night.


Anonymous said...

It appears that the BNP won a council seat in Swanley.
Why it appears, did they win it or didn't they

Jim Jay said...

Um, yes, they won a seat in Swanley - as the first line of the post says.

It appears the vote came directly from UKIP and Labour - none from the Tories - which is quite instructive I think.

bob said...

Can I plug my post on this topic? It's here. Some discussion of the Green vote in the comments thread.

Jim Jay said...

Bob, all relevant plugs are more than welcome. Good post - thanks for highlighting it.