Monday, January 05, 2009

Ten Links

Ten links that I thought might be of interest;

  1. Richard Gott on the way forward in Cuba.

  2. Hanley for Hackney is bigging up Matt Hanley who's standing in the Stoke Newington by-election. We came second last time and Matt is in good spirits. Why not lend a hand!

  3. And let's not forget Anne Grey in Seven Sisters another excellent Green candidate.

  4. I'm keeping silence on Obama but Neil Robertson on Obama and Gaza is very good.

  5. There is an emergency national demo on Gaza this Saturday.

  6. At a loose end in the middle of the night? Try ethical sudoku.

  7. Greens for cheap energy? Yes, it's true!

  8. Incidentally I want to promote *again* Green Metropolis which is a brilliant source of cheap books which I'd still use even if they weren't being all ethical and that.

  9. The Glasgow Evening Times thinks socialist Tommy Sheridan might well be the first to be given the Big Brother boot - say it ain't so!

  10. Nine is such an ugly number don't you think? So, at number ten I just thought I'd say I've been on a bit of a Walter Mosley binge recently - he's bloody marvellous!

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