Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cambridge's Howarth promoted to shadow justice secretary

David Howarth, my MP, has been promoted in Nick Clegg's pre-election reshuffle to the position of shadow justice spokesman - a pretty lofty position for someone who's only been an MP for three and a bit years.

I've always liked Mr Howarth who is extremely personable and he rather surprised me when, as Lib-Dem energy spokesman, his performance was well above my cynically low expectations.

Howarth, who was taught law at Yale and Cambridge, has been a consistent opponent of ID cards and has a very good record more generally. I wont say I have no disagreements with him, because I do but to be honest they don't come up very often.

Not that I voted for him, nor will I any time soon - but Clegg has in my opinion made a very wise choice in this particular pick.

Congratulations on the promotion DH, best of luck in your new job.


James said...

Jim, you've gone soft. Never trust a Liberal.

Jim Jay said...

Oh there's no question about it - I am soft - although whether I am undergoing softening or desoftening is much more difficult to tell...

All I'm saying is that he's a good constituency MP and has one of the best voting records in the House - certainly far better than the snivelling new labour clone he replaced.

James said...

You wait till you have to put up with the abomination which is Liberal Ministers, selling out every principle they ever claimed to stand for as fast as possible..