Saturday, January 03, 2009

Big Brother

I was never into Big Brother until George Galloway made an appearance in the celebrity version a couple of years back. It was essentially some the best TV that has ever been broadcast rivalling even The Wire, another show about surveillance, and the series had me hooked. It then went back to the ordinary version where fools have rows with each about how much toast they eat or whatever and I turned away again.

Anyway, it's with great delight that I just watched (online) the moment left wing Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan (right) entered the house.

With the crowd booing something rotten (they didn't seem to do this for the others, I'm surprised they knew who he was) Sheridan made a brisk walk to the entrance in what must have been extremely intimidating circumstances. I'm fascinated by the idea that he'll be spending the next however long chatting to LaToya Jackson (who eyed him skeptically when he entered the house), and Mini-Me from Austin Powers (hearty handshake), who incidentally must be a shoe in for the winner.

His BB biog says that apart from being a socialist politician he's "a qualified gym instructor and describes himself as a control freak. He enjoys sunbeds, touching his nose and scratching his bum." Well I never. The touching his nose thing made it very tempting to make a remark about Pinocchio, as he's on bail for perjury, but see... I've resisted! (see what I've said about him in the past here...)

Whether Tommy will be able to top Galloway's performance it's hard to tell. Galloway was superb (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for the horror of it) and I can see the spark of greatness in Sheridan. Unfortunately, I'm unlikely to have the time to follow his antics properly but I will definitely make an effort to see the many highlights that I'm sure are to come.

Almost the first thing he said to his fellow housemates had me in stitches. "Let the madness begin!" I couldn't agree more Tommy, could not agree more.


Roobin said...

"His BB biog says that apart from being a socialist politician he's a qualified gym instructor..."

I had this very conversation with a friend on the excellent demo last Saturday (not the only topic I hasten to add); how many socialist PE teachers can you name? The above fact now doubles the total.

scott redding said...

They need "Running Man" content in Celebrity BB. Let's see how Coolio and Sheridan stack up against opera-singing electricial dude.

Freedom said...

Hey Jim, mind if I nab this for blog bites in Freedom?

Jim Jay said...

Roobin: who's the other one? I used to know lots of socialist RE teachers, and for the life of me I couldn't work out why that might be (they weren't like liberation theologists or anything)

Scott: as a gym instructor he would have an advantage over some of the celebs, although I suspect Ulrika-ka-ka would do well in a tournament of death - she's got a vicious glint in her eye.

Freedom: go for it - I'm half way through a review of freedom as it goes - but it turned into a lengthy discourse on leftwing publications and organisation - I might have to start again with slightly narrower aims!

Roobin said...

"Roobin: who's the other one?"

PE teachers. There's lots of socialist RE teachers. I know thaaat ;-) PE teachers: there's a socialist PE teacher in Lewisham. More I cannot say.

Jim Jay said...

I don't know why this gives me the impression of a revolutionary training camp in the foothills of Lewisham... but I like it.

Roobin said...

Awl roit you orrible lot, on mah wissle yor all gonna behave like emancipated human beings... WAIT FOR IT!

Benjamin Solah said...

Galloway's stint on BB was a disaster. He totally made a fool of himself. I wouldn't be surprised if Sheridan does that same, and then makes a fool of the rest of the Left too.

Besides, the show is horribly sexist. At least it was in Australia.