Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snippet: I love the smell of chops in the morning

In the catalogue of obscenities that capitalism produces can there be anything more nauseating than this new product from Burger King?

Fast-food chain Burger King has launched a meat-scented cologne in the US for under $4 (£2.56) and has aptly called it "Flame". The men's fragrance, which is being sold at a New York retailer and online, is being touted as "the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat".
If you can stomach it fire meets desire advertises the "body spray", but quite who'd be keen on basting themselves in this upmarket BBQ sauce. What is it with Burger King right now? First this and then there's subservient chicken which appears to be one of the most humiliating forms of employment known to man bar baby photography and being the Conservative spokesman on civil liberties.


Mr Andy C said...

I thought this was a joke or a clipping from the Onion.

Surely if you smell of meat people will just think you have bad BO!

Jim Jay said...

Well I first saw it in the Guardian and then checked online - it's everywhere! If it's a joke it's one that lots of people have fallen for...

In a way though it's very clever marketting for their burgers... you couldn't buy this sort of publicity (and God, and I've helped them!)

Robert said...

Last time I was in Burger King there was a marxist school boy asking for extra pickle on his burger.
Relish on is the opinion of the pupil.

Roobin said...

You're a funny man, but, then, you've got some good material... "fire meets desire".