Sunday, December 14, 2008

Going once, going twice...

You've less than twenty four hours to snap up some of the fascinating items on sale in London Green Party's ebay auction. I was genuinely surprised at how interesting some of the items are, if I had the cash I'd definitely be going for the Nelson Mandela ballot paper. The perfect Christmas gifts for political geeks!

The items have all been donated by Green Party members and whilst anyone can bid for items, all the proceeds from this auction will go towards the London Federation's campaign funds to get Jean Lambert re-elected.

Please click on the links below or search for all items on sale in eBay for the user greendean.2009

(1) A piece of history from the 2008 US Presidential elections. Two pens - one from the Obama campaign and one from the McCain campaign.
(2) Another piece of world history - but this time from 1994. A genuine ballot paper from the 1994 Presidential Elections in South Africa with Nelson Mandela standing for the ANC.
(3) Where you a member of the party in the early 1980s? A rare example of a sweatshirt sold by the Ecology Party as it was. Likely to be in the early 1980s as the party changed its name in 1985. The label refers to "fibres from Monsanto" but I have been reassured that this is before Monsanto got into GM.
(4) Finally, a Lewes Pound. Introduced by the Lewes Transition Town. A lovely article in its own right, but further it symbolises the desire of a local community to ensure that the local economy is strengthened and enhanced. As a gift it will at the very least provoke interesting discussions amongst family and friends this Christmas.
If the items listed are not really what you're looking for but you'd like to make a contribution to the campaign funds , then please make a cheque payable to "London Green Party" and send it with your name and address to Graham Lee, London Green Party Treasurer, 58 Beech
Avenue, Ruislip, HA4 8UQ.

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