Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Assorted items that piqued my interest

A few bits and bobs that made me laugh, nod witha serious frown or simply raise my eyebrows in a speculative fashion.

Labour's clique at the centre of Cumbria council has offered the Lake Districts services as a nuclear waste dump. Joy.

"It was wrong and totally undemocratic not to take this decision in full council. We have had a 60-year uncontrolled experiment with nuclear and it is time we moved on. A waste repository is a nonsense in this area. Previous reports into the geology showed the rocks were fractured and totally unsuitable for burial,"

But if you're reading this in Preston make sure you don't take your swearing out into the street where the council has created a swearing "zero toleratance" zone. Balls.
"We want to put a stop to anti-social behaviour such as fighting, littering and swearing around town so that everyone can enjoy a happy, safe Christmas. We're spreading the message in shops, pubs, restaurants and on buses and streets across the city."

The Independent has an interesting piece by former Irish PM Mary Robinson where she states, quite rightly, that climate change is a human rights issue. Say it.
"as a new report by the International Council on Human Rights Policy on the links between climate change and human rights makes clear, the negative impacts on people of changes in climate do not always involve horrific headlines and images of hurricanes, floods or refugee camps. More commonly, they will be cumulative and unspectacular."

Over to the other side, The Guardian, Jean Lambert argues that for the importance of ground level trades union work in greening our economy. Solidarity.
"there are clear benefits from engaging with unions to meet new environmental standards. Given their established negotiating role within organisations, union members are ideally placed to promote, implement and help develop best environmental workplace practice."

Microsoft is launching a new range of clothing that doesn't work. Bring on the iShirt. Mashed.
Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said that by next summer the t-shirt will be fitted to every new baby within seconds of its birth, or else.

Mark Steel ponders the new anti-police turn of Cameron's Conservatives. Oink.
And maybe it will turn out that every day, as Tory MPs innocently hang around at garden parties, officers taunt them, sneering: "I know you. Prospective candidate for Epsom and Ewell, isn't it? Come on then, let's have a look in the boot of your car; I suppose it's full of leaked documents, is it? Right, which one of you called me 'Babylon'? Get in the van."

George Bush is gonna miss us, after all what's he gonna be allowed to fuck up now? Bye.
"But before I leave, let me say, from the bottom of my heart: I can't think of another country I would've rather led to the brink of collapse."

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Duncan Money said...

Labour's clique at the centre of Cumbria council has offered the Lake Districts services as a nuclear waste dump.

I genuinely don't believe it.

Surely, surely, they can't be that stupid?!