Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekending: Books, Bling, Blogs

I'm turning this into a regular feature because I keep coming across links (or getting requests) and it seems sensible to have a proper place to put these occasional items.

  • So, for instance, a friend pointed me towards Green Metropolis, which is a kind of green book recycling venture... a kinda right-on Amazon which donates money to the Woodland Trust. Books on the cheap always makes me cheerful, especially if I get a little green glow when I'm doing it.
  • In the darkest parts of South Essex there is one sparkling ray of sunshine. Camp Bling. They describe themselves as "a non-symbolic direct action protest camp first set up on 23rd September 2005 to stop a highly controversial dual carriageway scheme proposed in Southend-on-Sea, Essex."

    I wonder what non-symbolic means? Actually achieving something I suppose.

  • Some of you might like to check out Tinder Blog, which is something I'm helping out with. It's where IT meets international development, which might be interesting for people who like ethical tech.
  • Another new blog I've just come across is The Green Top which looks very good indeed.
  • Following up from a previous post Peter Cranie points me towards the glory that is the d'Hondt calculator, for those rainy evenings when all you really want to do is work out different election results under proportional representation. I accept this is probably a minority sport.
  • Another fun tool is the Typealyzer which psycho analysises your blog for you (I'm "The Thinker", always up for an intellectual challenge but "arrogant, impatient and insensitive". Blooming cheek). via FMKB
  • Sarah Palin, remember her? Well here she is on YouTube conducting an interview in front of a whole bunch of Turkeys getting stuffed into some sort of mincing machine. Just remember America - that could have been you with your head in the grinder.
  • Mind you, if you thought that was weird shit you probably haven't seen the promo trailer for Sean Connery's far out film, Zardoz.


scott redding said...

"Gee Dad, can we use the d'Hondt calculator this weekend, rather than playing kick-about in the park?"
"Sure, Son." (musses up son's hair)

Green Gordon said...

You mean you don't do it manually with a spread sheet like I did? that page is no good for Additional Member systems...