Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekend odds and ends

A few bits and bobs to get the weekend rolling;

First off it is day one of November's NaBloPoMo that I mentioned a little while ago. I'll be trying to blog everyday this month - feel free to join me in the green bloggers group.

What are you doing for election night by the way? It looks like I'll be contributing to the group blogging effort over at the superb Liberal Conspiracy, I'll try to not to blog drunk as the night wears on... but I make no guarantees on this - none what-so-ever.

I was asked to highlight the green social networking site edenbee. Not sure what I think about specialised social networking as I suspect it might defeat the object of social networking becoming more of an online ghetto than anything else but, as ever, I'm happy to promote it and people can make up their own minds.

Next, a few Cardiff blogs that have come to my attention. First there's antimetrix which is a focused campaign on the privatisation of the military. We also have the campaign against a lorry through road in Bute Park. Then there's the campaign against a new incinerator in Cardiff Bay. Lastly we have a really interesting campaign against inconsiderate parking.

Whilst browsing those blogs I came across Write to them. I did know about this site but had completely forgotten about it. It's a really powerful tool for locating your elected representatives, whether that's your MEPs, MP, councillors, Assembly Members or whatever. I'm bookmarking it right now.

You might also like to consider Low Carbon Lifestyle and also there's a blog on Community Care magazine's website on green living by the same blogger, both of which look well written and interesting and well worth highlighting.

Poll news. I asked "If a teacher has sexual contact with a sixth form pupil it is a sexual offense?" after one teacher's union raised it as an issue. I'm surprised at how close the result was frankly.

36% of you thought it should be considered a crime and 63% agreed with the unions that making it a criminal offence was a double standard. I actually expected more of a landslide on this question and feel slightly vindicated in my unease by that 36%.

Incidentally the interview I did with Jean Lambert seems to have gone down rather well (well, I've had several people say they liked it) so I thought I'd do a few more. There's one in the pipe with Adrian Ramsay but if there's anyone you'd like me to interview feel free to make suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on NaBloPoMo yourself!!

My soup bowl image actually came from Image Chef- it's an awesome sight for making HTML badges. I'm glad you like it!! And the link is perfectly fine!

Jim Jay said...

Thanks - that's a great site - just been having a play on it.

Compost John said...

Thanks Jim Jay for the links to my daily diary blog and my weekly Community Care blog/column.
I'll bookmark your site and visit occasionally... might even put a link to yours in mine!!!!
Yours, John Cossham, York

Green Gordon said...

There's another Green Social network whose name escapes me, but yes it does rather defeat the purpose to have a website that's a bit of an effort to post to, even if I'm slightly more concerned that Facebook might sell all my identities...

Jim Jay said...

Yeah, I think the powerful thing about social networking is that everyone is there and you draw people into your zone (like a very, very complicated venn diagram) - so you get "normal" people who agree with stuff you agree with rather than saying from word go - this is just for activists.

After all those people should be networking in the real world anyway.