Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Warming up for the big night

A few things I'd like to recommend to warm you up for election night;

From the Onion. McCain has his own Ralph Nader;

Howard Zinn on the elections. Very thoughtful and interesting position.

Then there's the excellent Wassup advert where we find out how the Budweiser advert dudes are getting on eight years later. True.

And finally, it's a little known fact that if it's a draw the winner is decided in a dance off. Here we imagine the scene.

Also you might like to know that Democracy Now will be broadcasting live from seven to midnight (Eastern Standard time).


scott redding said...

"The Vet Who Did Not Vet" and the best piano-playing moose you'll ever see.

Matt Sellwood said...

Howard Zinn really is great. That is almost exactly my position, expressed much better than I have been able to put it!


mish said...

Check out this article by Greg Palast about how the republicans have been purging voters from the electoral rolls in key states. Lets hope the turnout is big enough to overcome the loss of those who will be prevented from voting.