Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poster ideas from Chuwit Kamolvisit

Elections in Bangkok look pretty exciting. Quite at random I came across an election poster for Chuwit Kamolvisit, who ran for Bangkok governor in October, and so I sought out some more (see more here).

Based on the posters alone I'd vote for him, I think we could do worse. Try and imagine your favourite politician in Chuwit's place, it might work.

Kamolvisit is pictured here out of his mind with worry.
It reads "When politicians lie, what should we do?"

Here Chuwit is in expansive mode.
The caption reads "I love you." Thanks dude, that means a lot.

Hold on though. Chuwit's pissed off now. The caption reads "6 billion spent on a fire truck we never use." You can see he's exasperated by his pose and that.

Woa! "You are a liar. You don’t have a standpoint. You disappoint society. You lie to the people. You make excuses to deceive the public."
It's not true Chuwit. I'm not, I do, I don't, I don't and I never would.

"Crush those who cheat, expose evil, do not fear the influential!"
If only he'd added "It's hammer time!"

Sadly, he didn't win - but he did get more than 300,000 votes which isn't bad for a city only slightly larger than London.

I demand to see a European election bill board with Jean Lambert, wielding a sledge hammer, denouncing evil, cheats and the influential! It's a vote winner I tell you, I'm certain of it.


weggis said...

So long as it's not the first graphic where the poster is facing the wrong direction for the traffic [drivers] to see it!

Jim Jay said...

You're right - although that might be a flyover - so it's possible there is traffic going the other way.

I'd not have spotted that in a million years.

scott redding said...

Maybe Jean's billboard can have her brandishing a sunflower or a daisy.

Jim Jay said...

Only if she's about to smash evil with it