Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet our Minister for Science

Once upon a time we had a Minister for Equality who was a member of the anti-equality outfit Opus Dei. Those days are long gone - but stepping up to receive the Ruth Kelly award for "Ministers appointed to surprising posts" we have Lord Drayson, Minister for Science.

As a PhD in robotics you'd have thought he was amply suited to sit in a New Labour cabinet but according to the interview he gave in The Sunday Times he thinks science is all about "magic" and "mystery"... oh... well, I suppose it is... in a way. However, he then goes on to say;

“I do believe in God. I think faith is a very strange thing. You don’t necessarily believe in something just because you’ve got the evidence to prove it,”
Yes. Evidence isn't all it's cracked up to be is it?

He must have learned that as Minister for Defence Procurement when an official would say "But Minister we have evidence these weapons will be used to suppress internal dissent," and he'd simply say "Evidence? Well, that's hardly proof is it? Throw in some free landmines!"

He then goes on to explain that he has a sixth sense that has enabled him to know in advance what was going to happen without knowing how. That must be a useful talent in any profession I suppose, even science.

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