Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election night: Scorecard and tittle tattle

I'm mainly over at Liberal Conspiracy most of the night (on and off) but thought I might add a few bits and bobs over here too as the election night wears on. Feel free to treat as an election open thread if you like;

Obama: 338

Karl Rove says Obama is the most radical Democrat ever elected!

Terrorist fistjabs all round Obama is President!

Brilliant speech - all about unity and harnessing hope.

McCain: 155

Vote McCain or the cow gets it
McCain HQ has turned off the news!
Where are the pics of miserable reps - do not cheat me BBC!

McCain made an excellent concession speech. Shame his campaign couldn't have been so clean.

22:12 GMT Things looking good so far. Stroppy has a picture of her cat's reaction to the elections. You can feel the tension.

24:00 GMT Been listening to Howard Zinn and the Onion.

24:48 GMT Socialist Worker (US) says highest turnout since 1908 - definately high.
24:48 GMT The talk here is that all the BBC women are wearing red - bias!

01:59 GMT Been looking up Ross Perot - he got 18.9% of the popular vote in '92. No third party candidate will get even 1% this time.

04:30 GMT BBC coverage can't stop talking about race - what about the politics?

NB: my connection is playing silly buggers so I'll probably come and go and come back, etc.


Rayyan said...

Whether or not he is the most radical = he is the next President of the United States, and Rove can't bear it. He's got Ohio and Pennsylvania, leads in North Carolina and Florida, has got New Mexico - this is over.

Now I want a landslide, and I want some redundant Republicans!

Tiara said...

"Terrorist fistjabs all round Obama is President!"

Hahaha! That is one of the funniest things I've read all night!