Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Green Notes

I know it's Tuesday, not the weekend, but I've spent most the last two days in bed feeling sorry for myself (two activities I usually enjoy, but combine them and they lose their appeal somewhat).

1. The Independent had an interesting list of the top 100 environmentalists in the UK on Sunday.

I've spotted six Green Par
ty members. I have Jonathon Porritt (11), Tony Juniper (12), Robin Harper (22), Caroline Lucas (29), Andrew Cooper (59), and Sian Berry (82). Among the others there are some very sound individuals and a swath of Tory politicians, bankers, pop stars and chief executives. Oh ho!

I'm not saying that's wrong, per se, but when you have more Tories on the list than Green Party members it is slightly worrying. I can't say I'm overwhelmed with
confidence in their research as some of the descriptions of the individuals are clearly wrong but the message is clear - we must try harder!

2. Kentish Town By-election 30th October.

I spent most of Saturday campaigning in Kentish Town for Victoria Green. I've come away with a very clear impression that we have a good chance of winning this by-election - but that the Lib Dems are fighting this hard and whilst we are clearly in the lead in some areas there are other parts of the ward that we need to make renewed efforts in.

I'd hate for us to come second by a handful of votes, particularly when these specific circumstances are so good for us. If you can make it down to Kentish Town, Camden, in the next couple of weeks you could be making the difference between a good seco
nd place and a new Green councillor.

3. As some readers will know I'm the convenor of the Green Party's SOC (Standing Orders Committee). We had our first face to face meeting this Sunday and very good it was too. We'd arranged to have specific training to help us get our heads round the roles (conducted by the ever effervescent Dean Walton) and that really paid off. It's a good principle to start any new role with good training - it helps bond the group and get them onto the same page I think.

I remember Bernadette Devlin talking about her part of the civil rights movement launching a "faceless committee" of individuals that would set aside egos and agendas and just get on with the work. That really felt the way this SOC was operating. No matter what differences of opinion there were (although there was surprising consensus on our decisions) there was a great feeling of open minded discussion and changing your mind felt very easy without entrenched positions to defend or attack.

I'm optimistic about how this year is going to go and that you're probably not going to be hearing too much from us in terms of controversy or scandals... it's early days though!

4. One last point. The European Greens had their get together in Paris this weekend and passed a motion to "put capitalism on a green leash". Interesting. We'll be storming Parliament next!


Green Gordon said...

The top 10 there has a few oddball suggestions in it...

And Porritt "once leader of the Greens?"

It's funny to look at the people David Cameron has scored better than. My friend Ashok Sinha, for one...

Jim Jay said...

Even though they say in Caroline's bit that she's the first leader... I spotted several mistakes and I don't even know who half these people are!

How about chief executive of ASDA at 43 though - they really are taking the piss.

Noel Lynch said...

Actually there are seven Green Party on the list. You forgot John Stewart, a Green Party member and no. 1

weggis said...

Er, so you had the first SOC meeting on Sunday and spent the next two days in bed feeling sorry for yourself?

Funnily enough, Mrs and Miss Weggis spent the weekend in Paris too, but not for the same reasons.

Top 100 environmentalists: job for someone to find their addresses and send them a Green Party membership application form.

Jim Jay said...

Noel: John Stewart's in the Green Party! I hadn't realised - that's excellent.

Weggis: I might save myself a stamp and not write to David Cameron and the head of ASDA to join the Greens - but you're right that there are people on the list who would be incredible additions to the party.

HelloKnitty said...

KT Tunstall at 10!!? Oh! I don't like that. I mean all credit to her- but 10- really????

Anonymous said...

I love that oranguatan piccy - that should go on your donkey blog really!