Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Occasional miscellany

A few bits and bobs I thought people might be interested in.

1. Chris Morris has a new production in the pipeline and they're looking for donors to make sure it happens.

It seems that; "The comedy, which centres on wannabe suicide bombers operating from a jihadist cell in the North of England, was originally conceived as a TV series but will now be a film. Morris has said the comedy will seek to do for Islamic terrorism what Dad's Army did for the Nazis."


2. Browsing through Ladbrokes website I notice that Sian Berry and Sir Ian Blair have equal odds for becoming Mayor of London in 2012. It feels extremely odd to see their names together, but whether the odds are a good or a bad thing I'm not altogether sure.

Both of them are, well, long shots but Ladbrokes still think that either of them is far more likely to be Mayor that Brian Paddock - what? Weren't they impressed with his performance last time?

3. I noticed what looked like a very interesting article in the latest International Socialism Journal on Marxism and Ethics. Paul Blackledge tackles an often ignored subject and although it focuses a little too much on what Marx thought rather than making his own argument, for my tastes at least, I think it's a very worthwhile subject to address, and from what I've read so far handled in an informative way.

4. The Scottish Socialist Party have an encouraging report on their site about a red green forum in Edinburgh.

"150-200 of people came from all over the country to discuss and exchange ideas on three particular questions;what are the causes of climate change? How can we reduce carbon emissions? And how far can we take the issues under a Red/Green partnership?"

5. London buses are to carry atheist slogans from the British Humanist Association. I'm not absolutely sure what this is intended to achieve but, you know, I'm alright with it.

"There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."


scott redding said...

The slogan would be more popular, and profitable, if it was: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy a beer ... Atheism Breweries, independent since 0001"

weggis said...

You are a nice well intentioned chap, so I'm sure that God will bear that in mind come your judgement day!

mish said...

The atheist fundraising seems to have gone fairly well - see http://www.justgiving.com/atheistbus - looking through I see someone has donated £666, others £6.66 and some of the comments are excellent, eg

"No Gods! No (Route)Masters!"

"If we raise enough, do we get 43 automatic seats in the House of Lords?"

"What could be more godless than public transport?"

scott redding said...

I liked Paxman's take on religion when he was asked about it on "Who Do You Thing You Are" ... when he wasn't crying like a baby:

"I really don't think you should ridicule people's religious convictions. I strongly believe that.

"I may privately think they are misguided and may detest some interpretations of their religious belief but I do respect their religious convictions.

"It's the only important thing, whether we are here for a purpose."

Green Gordon said...

I think the SSP might have been over optimistic with their numbers, but should be interesting.