Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Poll: bailing out the capitalists

It looks like I might be in a minority here in thinking that a massive bailout to prop up the banking and financial industries is far better than the alternative. In the interests of science or possibly, more accurately, because I'm curious, I thought I'd launch a poll to see what people really thought.

You'll find it over on the right hand side;

What do you think of the US bailout plan?

  • Good idea - it's a necessary measure
  • Only if funded by a tax on the very rich - otherwise no dice
  • There's no need for it - things aren't that bad
  • Absolutely not - it will make things worse
  • Don't know, could be the right thing
  • Don't know, but it feels wrong
If you can't find the answer you're looking for - leave a comment.


BisonBison said...

You're not alone. I think a bail out is needed, as a short-term fix. But only if the process of better regulation starts with it. I just haven't quite worked out what better regulation would mean yet...I need a crash course on economic theory.

neil h said...

They can have a bail out, just so long as the executives pay back any bonuses that they've had for the last three years, which they clearly don't deserve seeing as how they have run their banks into the ground.

James Patterson said...

I think that a root and branch restructuring of financial systems is needed in the long term.

weggis said...

Let the market sort it out?