Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New blogs: ready for perusal

I've had a number of requests over the last couple of weeks to highlight new blogs - and I'm more than happy to do that, the more the merrier. If I've missed anyone off just leave a comment.

First the Londoners. Matt Selwood has not just moved from Oxford - he's also starting afresh with his blogging. Very welcome news.

Some Tower Hamlets Green Party members are now blogging at The East is Green. Plus we have Haringey Green Party's blog adding to the London Green group blogging action.

But you know, Haringey is being slightly greedy because Sarah Mitchell, our new national campaigns officer is also blogging from there, and has been since March.

James O'Nions has a new blog Cutting the Wire which I'd intended to highlight a couple of weeks ago - but better late than never I say.

Moving Northernwards we have Mancunian Green who is currently attending Manchester's convention of the left.

Norther still we have another Green Scottish blog, Adopted Domain, so that makes at least two! Good work.

Welcome to the team comrades.


weggis said...

more competition for next years top 20 - Goodie!
Competition works. It produces variety, diversity and excellence.
Have they been submitted to the Total Politics list and Green feed?

Jim Jay said...

Sounds like a job for a volunteer :)

Kevin said...

Can I offer another?

Random Blowe - http://kevinblowe.blogspot.com/

Nick said...

Think you might like this

Some very good stuff from an eco-socialist viewpoint.

Green Gordon said...

Weggis, I'll add these to Green Feed shortly. you can always email me directly from the page.


Jim Jay said...

Cool, any more suggestions? They really are more than welcome!