Thursday, September 04, 2008

More numerical blog rankings

It's not a competition - it really isn't.

However, having been voted number one green blog by the Total Politics people (thanks) I was surprised to see I was also 27th best left blog (I hadn't realised I'd be in more than one category, perhaps I should move to Wales for yet another bite at the cherry).

Now Iain has published the overlord of lists. The top 100 of UK political blogs. Sadly I'm the only green who's managed to get into the list this year - so we still have some work to do to raise our game.

I've managed 83rd best political blog in the country, leaping up 42 places and this is not to be sniffed at. Sniff. I was quite horrified though when I realised I came just one place above Peter Hitchens and two above Melanie Phillips. I suppose it's better than coming after them!

The horror.


scott redding said...

From the #101 to #200 positions:

Two Doctors came in at #131 overall, and Another Green World was #184.

Jim Jay said...

Next year we'll claim all top twenty positions!

Go team Green!

Anonymous said...

As Frankie Boyle would say, it's a bit like being declared the most handsome man in the Burns Unit.

Be seeing you

No. 6

Jim Jay said...

Hehe anon - thanks!

That made me laugh out loud - you're so right!

ModernityBlog said...

Jim, fair play, you're well educated and you write well, so good luck to yer.