Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly - miscellany

First we have the ugly. I refer of course to the Olympian fake little girl scandal.

This child is too ugly to appear on stage singing the Chinese national anthem.

Look at her if you can. You may need to shield your eyes from her repugnant features. I advise you to have a sick bucket on hand if you stare too long. Truly the world is grateful for having been protected from having to cast its gaze upon this creature.

Then we have Deborah Orr piece on drunkenness and rape in The Independent which I found powerful, unexpectedly upsetting and important.

Don't read it if you react poorly to stories of misery and injustice. Do read it all the way through if you can. It does not matter how much alcohol you have been drinking - rape is still rape. More on this topic at stroppyblog.

Lastly, whilst browsing through the interweb I happened to come across this letter from a teacher to the mother of one of his pupils.

If I was this child's parent I think it's fair to say I would be bursting with pride. If this wasn't from 1994 I'd be taking a collection to send the kid a present.

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Magnus said...

Wow, that teacher is an ass, if I may say so. Good on Alex, if I ever have kids I hope they will be capable of standing up like this.
As for the little girl, it is horrible but I wasn't at all surprised. Canto-pop is all about talented yet unattractive singers being lipsynched by prettier, more acceptable faces.