Monday, August 11, 2008

Exclusive: How I'm voting

Green Party national executive ballot papers hit people's doormats today. We got a lovely booklet for the candidates' statements (which was very professionally put together and extremely useful) along with the two ballot papers for the leadership posts, chair, equality and diversity and external communications. Other posts will be elected at conference.

After long and careful thought I've decided to vote Adrian Ramsay for deputy leader. After all where was RON during the council strike whilst Adrian was providing solidarity to the workers? What's RON done to help a whole swathe of progressive councillors get elected - nothing? Whilst RON stood quietly by as Tesco tried to seep its way into every nook and cranie of the UK it was left to Adrian to campaign against the lumbering capitalist monstrosity.

Frankly RON is a lazy, reactionary candidate and does not deserve my vote whilst we have capable candidates such as Adrian on the ballot paper.

For the other posts the decision is much more difficult and I'll probably take a bit more time to think about those - although I've probably made my decision on equality and diversity.

If you've not yet made up your mind how you are going to vote you may want to hold off posting your ballot papers for a couple of days as I'm on the verge of posting your "you ask the questions" online hustings from Ashley and Caroline - it promises to be fascinating.


Green Gordon said...

Is there some kind of conspiracy to use the word doormat in posts to do with leadership ballots? Is this something to do with Gaunts!? Is this a sign that the great purge is about to take place? The truth must come out!!

Jim Jay said...


Rayyan said...

Perhaps we should all storm Gaunts and reclaim it in the name of ecopuritanism! No to professionalism and organisation! Power to the doormats!

tim t said...

I'm all for these 'online hustings' and I am sure they will provide some fascinating insights into the candidates views, personalities, motivations etc.

But I am a wee bit perturbed that the ERO is actually encouraging some sort of 'deregulation' of electoral campaigning by directing the whole of the membership to your blog.

The first casualty is obviously RON... who will be next? Will the ERO sanction online dueling, character assasinations etc?

Incidentally, I have a great deal of respect for Caroline, Ashley and Adrian, but I don't think I'll be voting for them or for RON - actually, I'll most likely be spoiling my ballot paper for the leader/deputy votes.

It would be the first time I've spoilt a ballot paper in my life, but there's always a first time.

And while I've got the attention of a few members, why don't you do likewise? Go on... Caroline and Adrian are going to win anyway - and I do agree with Jim that RON is a bit of a lost cause.

tim t said...

Incidentally, RON could get an unexpected leg-up if Ashley wins the ballot for leader, because there would be no female candidates for the gender-balanced deputy leader post. RON would thus automatically win the race for deputy, regardless of how popular / unpopular RON was.

That would be tough luck for Adrian (and Caroline, of course) - though this sort of scenario seems like an outside possibility - this time anyway.

scott redding said...

I voted for him, he looked so fine
Da do RON-RON-RON, da do RON-RON
Someday soon I'm gonna make him mine
Da do RON-RON-RON, da do RON-RON

Jim Jay said...


to set your mind at rest - it's not deregulation - this blog was never *regulated* by the green party - although it was nice of him to point people here to help them make their mind up when filling in their ballot papers.

I wasn't expecting that.